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Restaurant Management Forms

Restaurant Management Forms (51 Bundled)

restaurant management forms

Restaurant Management Forms

We managed to bundle (51) restaurant management forms and checklists  for a special price of $19.99, that’s a discount of $234.50.  Purchase these valuable forms and checklists now.

We have created these forms and checklists for your specific needs.  Our employees have years of experience in the restaurant industry. Our restaurant forms experts focus on the small details that will help decrease customer service related issues and maximize restaurant revenues.

Most of our experts have worked in corporate restaurants where systems are in place and are fully functional.

Corporate restaurant started with only one restaurant that grew into many restaurants. I am not saying that you need to be a corporate restaurant, just incorporate some of these techniques and resources into your restaurant. Get your managers on the same page and organized them.

Train the restaurant managers to be proficient. The ultimate goal is to have all your management staff treat your restaurant with respect and with the knowledge to move the restaurant towards success.

The use of these awesome restaurant forms and checklists will help your managers in taking personal ownership. Treat these valuable forms as developmental tools that your restaurant will benefit from. Keep your managers focused, sharp and shift ready at all times. You trust your managers to do the right thing for the right reasons, right?

As a bonus we have added miscellaneous restaurant forms and checklists that managers should utilize daily. Ultimately, these forms and checklist are manager functions.

Restaurant Management Forms

(51 Bundled)
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Restaurant Management Forms and Restaurant Forms (Bundled)

These are the forms and checklist that you will receive. You are able to see what you are purchasing or you can purchase them separately.

Kitchen Forms

Kitchen Shift Readiness
Restaurant Kitchen Opening Checklist
Restaurant Closing Kitchen Checklist
Restaurant Kitchen Inspection Form
Cook Job Position and Responsibilities
Restaurant Prep Job Description and Responsibilities
Dishwasher Job Description
Food Safety Inspection Checklist
Liquor Beer Wine Order Sheet
Food Order Form
Back of House (BOH) Quiz
Restaurant Cook Review

Server Forms

Service Area Shift Readiness 
Server Opening Checklist
Closing Server Checklist
Front of the House Shift Readiness Checklist
Restaurant Server Cash Checkout Form
Waiter Evaluation Form
Server Action Plan
Server Service Audit
Server Job Position and Responsibilities
Wow Steps of Service Chart

Employee Training and Miscellaneous Forms

Employee Write Up Form
Employee Performance Review
Exiting Employee Checklist
Exit interview
Training Feed back Form
Restaurant Self Assessment
How to do a restaurant self-assessment
Restaurant Action Plan
Suspension Notice
Daily Line-Up
Greeter Job Description and Responsibilities
Emergency Procedure Chart

Restaurant Cash Related Forms

Safe Count Sheet
Register Till Balance Sheet No Alcohol
Register Till Balance Sheet With Alcohol
Register Till Start Up Fund Count Form
Cash Register Audit Form
Cash Register shortage, damaged, lost or stolen property employee employment agreement form

Manager Forms and Checklist

Managers Job Description and Responsibility Form
Managers Walk-through and Figure Eight. A Guide to Management (PDF Version)
The Managers Walkthrough and Figure Eights (Microsoft Word Version)
Restaurant Manager Changeover Checklist
Manager Shift Change Walk-through Checklist
The Managers Walk-through Checklist
Manager 360 Feedback
Restaurant Manager Performance Evaluation Form
Manager Employee Conduct Performance Agreement Form
Restaurant Managers Opening Checklist
Closing Manager Checklist
Labor Scheduling Estimate Chart