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Restaurant Server Forms

Restaurant Server Forms

restaurant server formsWe have put together 32 restaurant server forms, checklists and spreadsheets for a special price of $19.99. This package will save you $136.60.

Our experts spent many years in the restaurant industry and know first hand on wow to create a WOW restaurant or bar. Most of our experts worked in corporate restaurant where they have a proven track record.  Our forms are designed with detailed information and customized to fit your restaurant needs.

In today’s restaurants, management and staff members need to be highly skilled, proficient and organized. One way to accomplish this is to use restaurant forms, checklists and spreadsheets consistently and correctly. Many corporate restaurants are very successful because of the systems that are in place . Passion, professionalism and commitment must exist with your managers and staff members.

The Owners Mentality
Restaurant managers should take personal ownership as if the owners were in the restaurant.



Restaurant Server Forms, Checklists and Spreadsheets

32 Bundled Restaurant Forms

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Greeter Job Description and Responsibilities
Server Job Description and Responsibilities
Service Area Shift Readiness
Front of the House Shift Readiness Checklist
Server Training Sign-Off
Server Opening Checklist
Closing Server Checklist
Server Side Work Chart
Server Stocking PAR Sheet
Salad Prep Sheet
Restaurant Server Cash Checkout Form
Training Feed back Form
Guest Survey
Mystery Shop No Alcohol
Mystery Shop Dining w Alcohol
Mystery Shopper Bar
Wait Seating Chart
Restaurant Reservation Sheet
Daily Line-Up
Waiter Evaluation Form
Server Action Plan
Server Service Audit
Version 1 Pre-Shift Alley Rally
Version 2 Alley Rally Form
WOW Steps of Service Test & Answer Key
Server Test & Answer Key
Wow Steps of Service Chart
Employee Write Up Form
Employee Performance Review
Restaurant Server Table Rotation Form
Excel – Restaurant Dining Room Table Layout
Excel – Server/Cashier Checkout Spreadsheet